Plan A

My travel plans. (Warning: these will change often, and I’m always open to suggestion if you have a good idea.) All times/dates are local.

  • 11/11/2015: DepartĀ London Victoria at 10:30am. Coach and ferry (!) to Amsterdam. Arrive 8:30pm. Spend night atĀ Vita Nova, a houseboat on Oosterdok.
  • 12/11/2015: Depart Amsterdam Sloterdijk at 3:10pm. Arrive Dortmund 6:30pm. Stay with Martin and Babette for the weekend.
  • Am now spending four days in Prague, aftrer which I plan to go to Krackow.
  • The more general plan is to spend some time on the Greek island of Rhodes and then make my way to Jordan, where I hope to pass a warm winter. There may be some problems getting to Jordan without flying as the only ferry I’ve found so far goes from Limassol to Israel or Egypt, but does not take foot passengers. (Not keen on buying a car just to avoid a flight, but as my research is not yet complete, the question may not arise.)
  • Assuming a next world war has not yet broken out, I’ll be in Turkey in March and then on to Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan before crossing the Caspian into the Stans and then into western China.
  • Et cetera