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  1. Hi Gavin,

    Great-you finally cracked it! Stunning photographs. I recognize many places. Are you still in Budapest? Martin and I loved Budapest and had a great time there. Really good to see you again in November and to catch up. How are you progressing? I would love to hear (and see) how you travel as it is probably not common to undertake such a journey by train or coach. Considering that at the moment many people move in an opposite direction to you I feel your enterprise gains an additional and possibly important poignancy.

    All teh best and good luck


    • Hi Babette, Thanks for putting me up what seems like ages ago now, glad you like the pix. No, not in Budapest any longer. Indeed, I’ve never felt more like a salmon swimming upstream than when I tried to leave it. Seems the Hungarians had closed their border with Croatia but re-opened the one with Serbia without really mentioning it. Anyway, I’ve got to Sarajevo (via Belgrade) where I’ve been cooling my heels for a bit and trying to sort the bloody email issue. Have now done that by the looks of things, and can now get back on the trail of Gavrilo. Mostar next. xxx

      • Hi Gavin,

        Hi Gavin,
        Happy New Year – hope you made a good start!
        I fear your e-mail notification got a hick up or I overlooked it. I did not check your site for a while as I was completely snowed in before Christmas: with three other artists we opened an artist led gallery on the 2.12. After the opening somebody pulled the plug and I was with a cold in bed….

        So how is Sarajevo or have you already moved on? I hope the cold weather is bearable and the progress of your travels is becoming easier. Perhaps you are by now in a more sunny and warmer region.

        Until soon

        B xx

  2. Hey Gav, great to be in the loop! Nice photies. I know what you mean about mitteleuropean food, what you need to do is get out in the great outdoors for a few bracing walks and then the old Bauernfruestueck goes down nicely. I suppose its a bit cold in them thar hills at this time of year where you are though. Have lots of fun and looking forward to hearing more. You could always try hostelbookers if you start needing company though it probably won’t be much cheaper from what you say about Airbnb prices and not as comfy…. Hil xx

    • Thanks Hil. Yeah it’s pretty bracing here in the hills around Sarajevo and the food’s no better. However I am able to cook here in hostel world, though sadly no other guests for the past week or so xxx

  3. You’re not fooling me. I’ve seen that caff before and it’s in Hatfield. My advice, be very careful. My sources say wig-wearing UKIP hate gangs are targeting bald buddhists with kung fu skills in Hatfield.

  4. Yo Gav, I’ve been attempting to get to grips with your fabulous blogsite while listening to a particularly poignant love scene in The Archers, and am now thoroughly bemused. Anyway, glad to know that you got the train from Victoria, and are now boldly London-bound. I see you’ve clocked up a few miles already, not to mention your impressive technical travels. This is all assuming you’re not really sat somewhere like the Isle of Wight and making all this up! Onward and upward!

  5. Hallo Gav, great to hear of your progress across Europe. Prague looking lovely in the sunshine. we are having the warmest December on record it seems. Are you aiming to spend Christmas in Greece, or further East? Our wee family are convening here in mild and muddy Wales. Love and best wishes from the Catrin and co xx

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