This is going to be an organic process as I gradually get used to the foibles of WordPress, and internet on the hoof minus an actual computer. Yes, it’s all being done with an iPad mini. My camera is a Fujifilm X10. And that’s enough technology for now.

I’m writing this in Amsterdam, after my first night out of London, which was spent in a boathouse on Oosterdok. If a picture of the boathouse appears in this post, you’ll know that one vital bit of tech has worked and we can all settle back and enjoy the ride. A quick apology before we get going: this journey has no destination or, more precisely, London is the destination, because that’s where it will end – once I’ve run out of money. So try not to gag when I get quasi-philosophical about the journey being the destination etc.

vita nova houseboat amsterdam

Vita Nova, Amsterdam, where I spent my first night

I’m heading east and trying not to travel by air, but all such self-imposed regulations will rapidly be up for grabs when the going gets tough, so prepare yourself for a lot of unplanned impermanence. The blog is set up to offer a few different things. I’ll be doing discursive rambling (like this), writing some stuff in the manner of newspaper/magazine articles for which I’ll do some research (Wikipedia and Rough Guide), I’ll put up picture galleries if I take enough pleasing shots, and, to keep things bubbling along, I’ll try to write some shorter pieces, which I’ll tag as ‘snippets’.

I welcome suggestions, both on how to maintain and improve the blog and on things to do/places to go. Commissions will make me feel loved. Those in the business of such things should point out typos asap, so I can follow the noble tradition of back-revising.

You’ve probably found this blog because I added you to my list of friends and colleagues. Please pass on the url to anyone who you think may enjoy it. Feel free to remove yourself from the list by using the link at the bottom of the email, the only consequence of which will be that I’ll never speak to you again.

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  1. Disappointed by this lazy journalism. Literally no updates. Still, I’ve signed up for your newsletter in case you ever bother writing something …

  2. the technology works ! Horrah. Not sure where you are now . Enjoy and keep sending it through. Glad you escaped unharmed from the Romanians. Love Vix

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